Facilitator's Guide


Making an Improvement Plan

This activity enables children and adults to examine their overall assets and priorities for change for their schools and communities. The tools support groups to develop a plan for these priorities. It involves working together to identify community and school assets, a vision for the future, solutions to common problems, steps or actions to achieve those solutions, resources needed to implement the proposed solutions, and individuals, groups or organizations that need to be involved to realize plan goals.

Key Questions

  1. What is our vision for our school or community, and what strengths can we build upon to achieve this vision?
  2. What are our priorities for children, youth and families?
  3. What resources, and which individuals or groups do we need to realize our ideas?
  4. What challenges may we face to realize our plan, and how can we overcome them?
  • Planning for community pathway improvements in Mumbai, India
  • A school improvement plan in the Philippines focuses on improving the safety of play spaces
  • A community store that is an asset for children and families in Mankhurd, Mumbai, India
  • Children, teachers and parents plan changes to improve the school drainage system in the Philippines
  • A school shares its water with the community in Haiti to improve relationships among children and adults
  • Planning actions at a community meeting in the Sudan
  • Discussing the results and planning actions in Izmir, Turkey

Supporting Tools

  • 5.1 Types of Local Plans
    An example of different local plans that may benefit from assessment data on the conditions of schools and communities, including: 1) municipal plans, 2) community plans, 3) school plans, 4) organization plans, and 5) sector plans.
  • 5.2 Improvement Plan Chart Template
    A chart that identifies the rows and columns that should be replicated onto large sheets of paper to discuss and map out an improvement plan as a small group.
  • 5.3 Example Improvement Plans
    Hypothetical examples of improvements plans to use a guide in creating local plans based on the assessment results.
  • 5.4 Improvement Plan Budget Template
    A Microsoft Excel file to develop a budget for the improvement plan.
  • 5.5 Improvement Plan Report Outline
    Recommended elements of a written improvement plan for decision makers and community or school leaders.
  • 5.6 Activity 5 Reflection
    Facilitators and participants can use these questions as a guide to reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of the activity, what was accomplished, and what was learned.