Facilitator's Guide


Monitoring and Evaluating the Initiative

This activity enables participants and facilitators to review what they accomplished, what they learned, and to document the overall successes and challenges of their initiative. Using simple graphics and symbols, participants create a road map or diagram of their initiative to illustrate the stakeholders involved in the process, the activities that were used, challenges along the way, short-term achievements and long-term goals.

Key Questions

  1. Which groups were we able to involve in the process and who was excluded?
  2. To what extent were we able to use the activities with different groups?
  3. What did we learn from doing the activities, what challenges did we face, and how did we overcome them?
  4. What happened as a result of doing these activities to benefit children and youth?
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Supporting Tools

  • 8.2 Developing a Case Study
    An overview of the recommended information for a case study to help groups document their initiative and share it with others for learning purposes.