Facilitator's Guide


The Children’s Environments Research Group links university scholarship with the development of policies, environments, and programs to fulfill children’s rights and improve the quality of their lives. CERG and its global partners are interested in collaborating with individuals and organizations that use the assessment and planning tools contained in this resource kit. We also encourage you to sign up for the CERG bulletin to learn about updates to the resources, to inform you of new case studies, and to become aware of related research and practice on child and youth friendly environments. CERG and its partners can collaborate in a variety of ways with interested groups. Some of these ways might include (but are not limited to):

  1. Capacity development for program managers or lead organizations in adapting the methodology for specific local development initiatives or educational programs;
  2. Capacity development for community facilitators, in partnership with local actors, on the application of the methodology in specific settings;
  3. Capacity development on ways to monitor and evaluate the integration and application of the methodology;
  4. Research on new directions in the methodology, such as the scaling of the process within formal school settings and the creation of a digital community assessment tool using tablets and Smartphones to empower children and youth with disabilities; and
  5. Support in developing and sharing a case study.