Facilitator's Guide


This activity enables facilitators and participants to share the results of their community or school assessment and improvement plans with different stakeholders and decision makers. Facilitators are encouraged to explore different approaches in presenting and discussing the results with others, such as through intergenerational community meetings, formal meetings with city council members, or with children and youth through the arts and media.

Key Questions

  1. Which individuals, groups, organizations, community leaders and decisions makers should be made aware of the assessment results?
  2. Which presentation approaches work well with different stakeholders, such as children or government representatives?
  3. What challenges may participants face when presenting and discussing the results with others?
  • An interngenerational community meeting to share the results in Haiti
  • Sharing the results through a youth-produced film in the United States
  • Sharing the results on large canvas at a community meeting in Haiti
  • Presenting the results at a community meeting in the Philippines
  • Organizers plan to share the results with children's councils in France
  • Presenting the results at a community meeting in Sudan

Supporting Tools

  • 6.1 USA Case Study
    Link to a youth-produced video in East Harlem, New York City that summarizes the assessment results in an engaging way to raise awareness about children’s rights in the United States.
  • 6.2 Activity 6 Reflection
    Facilitators and participants can use these questions as a guide to reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of the activity, what was accomplished, and what was learned.