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Case studies offer a creative way to learn about different local development and education initiatives that have applied the child friendly places approach to improve conditions for and with children. Case studies enable groups to share photographs/videos, assessment results, improvement plans, evaluation reports and other resources that document their experiences in creating better environments. Case studies can be shared with community residents, school groups, and local decision makers for advocacy or planning purposes.

To date, the resource kit has been implemented (or is being planned for use) to improve the living and learning conditions of children and youth in 27 countries with more than 64,000 participants. A global evaluation report on the application of this methodology, including a theory of change, can be accessed on the Children's Environments Research Group website.

To learn more about each case and its supporting resources, click "View on map" or "See all objects on the map" and then select different places of interest. Or, search case studies according to the themes listed below. Some case studies also provide the assessment tools, improvement plans, evaluation reports and online media in the different languages listed below.

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